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February 2, 2010

Welcome To My Page…..

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Welcome to my wordpress……. Let me introduce myself first. Hello everyone, my name is Abang Azlan and you can just call me Azlan. I’m 20 years old at the moment and I’m going to turn 21 years old soon as my birthday is approarching. I am currently an English Language Studies (ELS) student in National University of Malaysia (UKM). This is my first year, second semester here and I’m really enjoying my life in the university. I get to learn new things everyday and I have lots of friends from different races. My hobbies are listening music, taking pictures and surfing internet. I like to travel around and I like to go to places which I never been to before. When I travel, I like to bring along my camera so that I can capture down all the memorable moment. That all about me…….. Thanks……

  This is me, Azlan……

Me and my ELS coursemates………

The ELS girls……. (Suzzane, Ru Yi, Hooi Theng & Wei Teng……..

Me, Christopher Chong, Nusaiybah & Irene Chang…….

The ELS and ELIT group together with our lecturers at Berjaya Times Square (Majlis Pelancaran Projek 1nita).


March 29, 2010

Majlis Pelancaran Projek 1nita….. (Our best and funny moments…….)

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Majlis Pelancaran Projek 1nita…….

Its me……

Mdm. Nusyaibah, me & Christopher

The banner for the programma….. 1nita=Wanita…..

All of us……. (The ELS & ELIT)…… 

Ru Yi & Christopher……

Irene Chang…….

Ru Yi……. 

 Kamil trying to look handsome in his pics…….

Poor Hassan, he was so tired that day and he slept on the sofa at the lobby during break time……. Wake up……San!!!

Christopher Chong, wake up……. Madam Nusaiybah don’t disturb him…….

All the ladies…….

All the guys…….

Me and Christopher Chong……

All the ladies again……

March 26, 2010

Final questions…….

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Its me again continuing my posting. I’m going to answer few final questions in this posting………

1. Do you think that computer can assist you to become a better language learner?

My answer is……… YES, why not. Computer really assist me to become a better language learner. Computer has many softwares that are very useful to me. For example, when I’m typing my English essay, the software in the computer will help to check my spelling and grammar. The software will automatically correct my typing error and give me a notification when my sentence contains grammatical mistakes. The software will give me few suggestions to correct my sentence. This really help me as I can know where is my mistakes and avoid myself from making the same mistake in my writing again in the future. Besides, the Internet has many useful resources and many language websites, for example English language website. I can go to the English language websites to learn more. The websites contain many exercises which I can do as a practice. As the saying goes “Practice makes prefect”, by practicing doing the exercises in the websites, I can eventually improve my English learning. I can also get many extra information through the internet when I want to do my assignment. To sum it up, computer has changed the way I learn. I can become a better language learner with the help of computer. Thanks to the creater of computer………    

2. How effective is blogging in assisting you in the followings. A.Confidence in writing  B.Confidence in publishing your work C.Getting ideas to write D.Improving your writing skills

Frankly speaking, I don’t know anything about blogging before. After taking this course, SKBP1023 “Language And Information Technology”, I was exposed to blogging by my respective lecture, Prof. Madya Datin Dr. Norizan. Blogging has changed the way I write. I used to write or finish my homeworks and assignments on a piece of paper, sometimes I do type it out too. But, now I start to type everything into my blog or wordpress without doing any draft. I can say that blogging has boosted my confidence level in writing as I tend to type anything I want into my blog or wordpress without any hesitation. Without considering about grammatical mistakes, I just type evertything that I know about the topic that I’m working on. (You can see this scenario at my previous posting……. Hi Hi Hi). After, I typed my posting. Naturally, I have the confidence to publish my works to everyone. I just don’t know why. Maybe, after my effort of searching the information, resourses and references through the internet, I have the natural self confidence to publish my works to everyone. By blogging, I can get many new and fresh ideas to write. When I’m clueless, I can search through the internet for more information and that is how I usually get my new ideas in writing. Blogging has really improved my writing skills. When I’m blogging, I can view many resources online as well as my friends’ blog and I can see how other people write. By observing their writing style, I can improve my own writing skill too. In my point of view, I think blogging is fun and blogging has changed the way I write.       

3. If you are going to use computer to teach language one day, which language learning website will you recommend? Elaborate why do you recommend that website. If you dont have any recommendation and would like to develop your own website explain what, why and how.

Ehmmmm. I will surely introduce the websites or url in my third tutorial activity (locate resources for learning English) posting. (You can click the url above to view my third tutorial activity) 


One of the website that I want to introduce is


Why I recommend this website? This website is very complete as it contains all the English learning skills such as listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary. We can get everything about English through this websites. we can learn and practice all the English learning skill through this website too. Futhermore, this websites has many exercises which students can do. This website also contain many pictures which can easily attract people.  If I am to teach English one day, I will surely recommend this website.  

That all from me. Bye………

Sixth Posting (And this is our final posting…… Concordance/Concordancer)

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“Da Jia Hao”……. Hi. Its me again, Azlan updating my wordpress. Time passes really fast and this will be my final posting or task for the course SKBP1023 “Language And Information Technology”. I will like to take this chance to thank Prof. Madya Datin Dr. Norizan for teaching and guiding me throughout this semester. I really learned lots of new things through this course. To all my coursemates, good luck in the coming final examination. Let go on to my final posting.

Once again, we are required to answer few questions. This week, we learned something about concordance or concordancer in our lecture. What is concordance??? Do you have any ideas? It is something about dance as we can see the word “dance” in concordance……. Stop guessing, I’m going to define the word concordance for you now.

Concordance is

 A concordance is an alphabetical list of the principal words used in a book or body of work, with their immediate contexts.                                                                                                                                                                                         Reference/Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concordance_(publishing)

An alphabetical index of all the words in a text or corpus of texts, showing every contextual occurrence of a word: a concordance of Shakespeare’s works.                                                                                                                                 Reference/Source: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/concordance

An alphabetical list of the chief words used in a book or by a writer, with the passages in which they occur identified or cited.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Reference/Source: http://www.yourdictionary.com/concordance

An alphabetical index of all the words in a text or corpus of texts, showing every contextual occurrence of a word: a concordance of Shakespeare’s works.                                                                                                                               Reference/Source: http://www.answers.com/topic/concordance

After defining what is concordance, I’m going to introduce a website contains concordancer……..

Concordancer: http://www.edict.com.hk/concordance/

How to use the concordancer.

1. Click on the website. (The url provided)

2. Then, click on the word “Simple Search” and you will get this page. Its the concordancer.  

3. Type the word that you want to search into the search string column. After that, select the corpus and click the “search for concordance” button. For example, I want to search occurence of the word “Alice”. I type the word “Alice” in the search string column. Then, I select the corpus “Alice In The Wonderland by Lewis Carroll” and I click the button.

4. This is what I got……

That all about concordance and concordancer…….. Click on the links that I provided if you want to use the concordancer. The information above are taken from the internet. I do not own any of the information. Do click on the links for further reading. All credits go to the links provided. Thanks for viewing my final posting. Do drop some comments…….

March 21, 2010

Fifth Posting……. (Online Testing Review)

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Question: 1.List the url of the online test 2.Try the test and explain what is the test all about 3.Write the advantages and disadvantages. (Time- too short, too long, no time indicator? Technicalities- computer breakdown, internet connection. Typing skills – going back to earlier questions, exiting the test. Content- biasness, cultural aspects, accuracy of the test, accuracy. Score- reliable, analysis of mistakes, can be used for entrance or exemption purpose. Usefulness- as practice, as placement test, as quiz, as time filler during class)

Hello….. It’s me once again. This week, I’m going to discuss about “ONLINE TEST”. What is Online Test? Based on my knowledge, I can define online test as test that are digitallty stored on the internet. We can do these test through the internet.   

First of all, I would like to introduce a link or url that contain online test:


I tried some of the test during my tutorial class. Basically, the online test offered by the link above covered all the English Language skills. The test contains reading section, listening section, grammar quizzes, English level test and so on.  

1. Reading section: An article is given. We must read through the article and answer 11 questions regarding the article within 20 minutes if I’m not mistaken.

2. Listening section: A recording is played. We must listen to the recording and answer all the questions.

3. Grammar quizzes: These quizzes include all the grammar aspects such as Nouns, Verbs, Adjective, Preposition and Tenses. We can answer the questions according to the grammar aspects. For example: If I want to answer questions about Nouns, I can just click on Nouns. All the questions are multiple choices. We must pick the correct answer and answer all the questions within the time limit.  

4. English Level Test: This test is very special as it tests our English level. We must answer all the questions given within the time limit and we can straight away know our result and our English level.

(The website or link above is very fun and interesting as it contains many test which are very challenging for me. I found that its fun to answer the questions online and I had learned lots of new things regarding English through the website.)

Now, I’m going to discuss about the advantages, disadvantages and usefulness of online test.

Advantages: 1. All the online test contain time indicator. That means we are given a period of time to answer all the questions. When the time end, the system will automatically block the questions. 2. We can straight away get our result by clicking on the result button. This help to save our time as we don’t have to wait for our teachers or tutors to mark our test papers. 3. The answers given are very accurate and there are no any marking errors in online test because the answers are computerized and everything is stored permanently on the system. 4. There are many types and set of test. We can have a wide range of test to do in just a few hours and all the test and exercises are usually free. 5. We can save many money as we don’t have to buy any workbooks to do. we can just click on the websites and answer all the questions.  

Although online test brings lots of advantages and benefits to us, there are also some disadvantages too. Disadvantages: 1. We can refer books to look for answers when we are doing online test. This can be considered as unfair as usually we cannot refer to books during test. We will not know our mistakes too if we refer to books during the online test. 2. We will not do the test seriously because there are no any teachers and tutors beside to observe us. 3. Some places across our country don’t have internet coverage. So, not everyone in our country can do the online test. If the computers break down or there is no electricity supply (black out), we also cannot do the online test. 4. Sometime, the content of the online test is a bit bias because the online test not only from our country, it can also from other countries. For examples: The passage from the reading section is about history from other countries, we will have some difficulties to answer the questions as we don’t know much about other countries’ history. Sometimes, other people from other countries can have different accent when they speak English, so when we do the test for listening section, we may facing some problems with to understand the pronunciation.

Usefulness: 1. We can do these online test as practice while we are preparing for our final examinations. 2. As time filler during class. Teachers can do the test together with their students if they have extra time in the class. This online test is very attractive and can easily attract the students’ attention.   

That all for this week. Thanks for spending time to read.

March 14, 2010

Forth Posting (Answer another question)…….

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Question: All students are required to find two url that can be used to teach literature, you may want to find url related to these 1. The pearl 2. Sonnet 18 3. Mr Jekle and Hyde 4. Shakespeare works and many other works that you have been introduced in form 3 and form 5 and also form 6. You may also use titles of novels that you have been introduced while first semester and this semester. Your task 1. to write a summary of these two url and include objective of the website, target group and your opinion on, is it effective to ask students to refer to the literature material online for understanding literature, what is the best way to use the website so that students can appreciate literature better by using online materials 2. Is the website that you selected effective and useful for you to understand better the literature, novel, short story, poem or literature critics.

Hello everyone……. It’s me again, Azlan. I’m going to update my wordpress once again. This week, I’m going to search online for two url that can be used to teach literature. Then, I’m going to write a summary about the two url. After searching through the internet, I have chosen two url which I think are the most suitable. The url are:

 http://www.literature.com.my/                                                                                                                                                                       This website contains the literature taught in secondary school from Form one to Form five. This websites explain various aspects in literature such as plot, character, setting, theme and moral value. Students can learn a lot of knowledge regarding literature through this website.)

http://www.freewebs.com/engform4/index.htm                                                                                                                                       (This website contains only Form Four literature. One of the master piece is The Necklace. This websites is very fun as it contains exercises for students. Students can straight away answer the exercises after reading the short story online.) 

After introducing the two url, now I am going to answer the first part of my question: 1. Write a short summary about the two url I have chosen.  

The two url that I have chosen is mainly about literature that have been taught in Malaysian secondary school, Form One to Form Five. Some of the examples are Sonnet 18, The Necklace, Life Brief Candle, The Pearl and so on. These two websites have the same objective that is to share information or knowledge about English literature and to guide Malaysian secondary students in learning  English literature better. The target group for these two websites is Malaysian secondary school (Form 1 to Form 5) students, teachers who are teaching English literature and those who like to read literature materials. In my personal opinion, I think it is effective to ask students to refer to the literature material online for understanding literature because these websites are very fun as they contain colourful pictures and animation which can easily attract students to read finish the whole litearture material if compared to books. (While reading literature materials such as novel, students tend to skip few pages rather than finish reading the whole book. That what I have done during my secondary years…… Ha Ha Ha……) Students can learn more about literature as these websites contain many extra information. Students can just click on the links if they want to know more. Besides, these websites contain variety of exercises about literature. After reading the literature materials online, students can click on the exercises section to answer the questions straight away. Students don’t have to search for any exercises to do as the exercises are provided. Eventually, this can help to train students to answer literature  question better. They can do more exercises and they can score for their examination easily because practice make prefect. By practicing the exercises in the websites, for sure they can answer all the literature questions during examination. Students can also save lots of money from buying any workbooks to do. And, I think students will prefer to answer the questions in digital form rather than the questions in the workbooks. The best way to use these websites is teachers start to introduce these websites to students in school. Teachers can use these websites as their teaching materials in school rather than just using books. By exposing these websites to students, students will find learning literature is fun and they will pay their attention when their respective teacher is teaching in front. They will also start to appreciate literature.    

That is my summary for the two url. It a bit long as I have too many ideas. I want to thank you if you still continue reading my post after I have been talking a lot at the first part of my question.

Next, I’m going to answer the second part of my question: 2. Is the website that you selected effective and useful for you to understand better the literature, novel, short story, poem or literature critics.

And my answer is for sure YES…… The websites that I have selected are very useful and effective to me as an university student. Although I had learnt the literature in my secondary years, I had forgotten some of the literatures. By reading and surfing the websites, I start to recall back all the literature that I had learnt before. I think the websites are attractive too as they contain many pictures. The pictures are used to express the content of the literature. I can just imagine the setting of the short story by looking at the pictures. These two websites really help me in understanding the literature better. 

Thats all from me by the moment. Will try my best to upload some pictures or videos into my post (I’m still in the process of learning how to upload mp3 files and video) so that my post will be interesting…….. Hi hi hi……. Thanks……. looking forward once again for the next posting.

March 8, 2010

Third posting for wordpress (Answer an question)……..

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Question: Read from Online Teaching and Learning in ELT and Readings in Online Language Learning and Teaching on computer mediated communication (CMC), quote two chapters in your discussion on CMC for posting no.3. You may also refer to other references from internet and provide the links if you refer to them in your discussion.

Hi eveyone….. It’s me again updating my wordpress. This week, I have to answer an question regarding CMC…… So, what is actually CMC??? CMC stand for what??? Is CMC a brand for a handbag??? Actually, CMC is Computer Mediated Communication. What is Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) about? Hmmm…….Let me search the definition through internet…….

CMC is…… Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) is defined as any communicative transaction that occurs through the use of two or more networked computers.[1] While the term has traditionally referred to those communications that occur via computer-mediated formats (e.g., instant messages, e-mails, chat rooms), it has also been applied to other forms of text-based interaction such as text messaging.                                                Reference/Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer-mediated_communication

In the book Online Teaching and Learning in ELT (page 163), Levy (1997: 79) defines CMC as “concerned with communication between two or more participants via a computer covering technological platforms such as e-mail, bulletin board, discussion list and computer conferencing, both text and video based”.

So, in my point of view, I think that CMC is all about communication through networks computers or internet. We communicate with our family members or friends by using the internet or computer technologies. Examples of CMC are MSN, Skype, Facebook and etc.

Now, I am going to discuss about the advantages of using CMC. Refer to the book Online Teaching and Learning in ELT (page 164), advantages of using CMC are:

1. provides a more equitable platform and a less threatening forum for second language discussion (Warschauer, 1996);

2. results in increased participation among students (Kem, 1995; Kelm, 1992; Beauvois, 1992);

3. result in more decentralized role of the dominant teacher (Kem, 1995; Warschauer, 1997);

4. provides possibilities for new interpersonal contacts and communicative engagements (Beauvois & Eledge, 1996; Swaffar, 1998);

5. acts as a text-based medium that increase learners’ attention to linguistic form (Warschauer, 1997; Blake, 2000; Pellettieri, 2000; St. John & Cash, 1995);

6. provides personalized identification of target language errors (Kelm, 1992);

7. produces improved quality language output (Kem, 1995; Warschauer, 1996; Chun, 1994);

8. provides opportunities for reflection and close attention to and correction of contributions made (Kroonenberg, 1994/1995; Sotillo, 2000); and

9. offers an effective tool for learner autonomy and empowerment (Warschauer et al, 1996; Shetzer & Warschauer, 2000).

That’s all. All the information above are taken from our textbook Online Teaching and Laerning in ELT. Thanks for viewing my post. Looking forward for the next posting……..

Produce an advertisement in 15 minutes……

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Last week, during our tutorial time, we are asked to produce an advertisement in 15 minutes time. My group are selected to promote a handbag. By using our own creativity to design, below is what we got. Our very own version of advertisement. It’s a bit funny but I hope everyone enjoy the advertisement. Thanks….. 

The advertisement above is not true/real. It is just a tutorial task for us. We do not sell any bags. The pictures in the advertisement are taken from the internet. We do not own the pictures. All credits go to the internet. Thanks…..

Wikis And Blogs On Writting……

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In this tutorial task, me and my group are asked to discuss what are the effects of wikis and blogs on writting. Here are our result:

*All the information above are taken from the internet. Do click on the links for further information or reading. Thanks……

March 2, 2010

Sixth Tutorial Activity/Second Posting For Wordpress (Answer a question)……

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Discuss what is NETSPEAK?

This week, we are required to refer to David Crystal work and writting on NETSPEAK, then we have to discuss what is NETSPEAK? So, here are some definitions on NETSPEAK that I have searched through the internet and David Crystal’s book (Language And The Internet).

The language and characteristic mode of speaking peculiar to the Internet and online communication, esp. acronyms and shorthand used in posts and chatrooms.                                                                                                                                Source/Reference: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/Netspeak

What is NetSpeak? Netspeak is a phrase coined by David Crystal (Crystal, D. 2001). It is the name given to the type of communication used in chatrooms and in messaging software such as msn messenger. It is utilised due to the nature of text taking longer to type than say. Plus it is sometimes very difficult to determine the tone of voice used by someone communicating through text. A new way to communicate was required that would be faster to type and could also be manipulated to include feeling to the words. The new language being NetSpeak. This language uses a combination of abbreviations (including words created using digits as well as alphabetic characters), acronyms and emoticons. Abbreviations and acronyms are used to speed up the typing of messages. Abbreviations The following is a list of examples of the types of abbreviations used: * u = you * ur = your             Source/Reference: http://www.coursework.info/University/Mass_Communications_and_Documentation/Media_Studies/Electronic_Media_Studies/What_is_NetSpeak_L95419.html

David Crystal is a well known linguist, academic and author. Click on the link below to learn more about David Crystal’s background and career. Source/Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Crystal. David Crystal had discussed a lot on “Netspeak” in his book Language And The Internet.

*The information above are taken from the internet. I do not own the information. You can click on the links to read more.

February 20, 2010

Fifth Tutorial Activity/First Posting For Wordpress (Answer a question)……

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Question: Discuss differences and similarities of two social networks: Friendster and Facebook. Which one is your preference and why?

What is Friendster and Facebook? Both Friendster and Facebook are social networking websites. We can make new friends through these websites. People from different places and regions around the world can share their thought and thinking by using these two social networking websites. By posting their thought on their profile, they can share their ideas directly with many people around the world. People around the world can also reply their own views by posting comments under the post. Friendster and Facebook bring advantage to us as we can contact with our old friends again. That means through Friendster and Facebook, we will not lost contact with our old friends. We can know the latest information about our friends and family members even though our friends and family members are at the other places far from us. We can make new friends from different countries too through Friendster and Facebook.

Although Friendster and Facebook both have the same function, there are differences too between these two websites. As compared to Friendster, Facebook has many online applications such as online games. Users will not easily get bored when they play Facebook because Facebook has various types of interesting online games to play. Besides, Facebook also provided a chat room for users to chat. Users can chat with their friends directly in Facebook. Facebook also provided a “Tagging System” which allowed users to share photos as well as videos with their friends.  

I prefer Facebook because Facebook is commonly used among my friends if compared to Frienster. Almost all my family members, friends, former classmates and schoolmates are playing Facebook. I can easily contact and communicate with them through Facebook. Besides, I will not get boring playing Facebook because Facebook has many online applications such as online game. Some of the famous online games in Facebook are Barnbuddy, Farmville, Cafe World, Petville and Happy Aquarium. These online games are very fun and interesting. I can chat with my friends through Facebook too. Facebook provided a chat room and I can chat with my friends anytime as long as they are online. I don’t have to sign in to my MSN or Yahoo Messenger if I want to chat with my friends. I can directly chat with my friends through Facebook chat room. I can also upload and tag many photos through Facebook. Facebook provided a “Tagging System” which allowed me to share my photos and videos with my friends. By tagging my friends in the photo, my friends can also have the same photos as me in their photo album at Facebook. That means, I can save lots of time because with “Tagging System”, I can share photos with my friends in the fastest way and I don’t have to e-mail them the photos one by one to them. Facebook has lots of well advanced technologies that bring convenience to me and that is why I prefer Facebook the most.

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